WeDecide APS Corporation

WeDecide is a Danish company, based in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 2010 by Kutlu Kazanci and Erdem Ovacik, WeDecide helps brands and large companies crowdsource innovative projects from customers and/or employees. The WeDecide technology platform is web/mobile/Facebook-based and offers user communities an underlying stock market simulation where users create and get ownership of proposals by investing their virtual capital or credits. This ownership creates the correct incentives for competitive group-work; at the same time, it provides an assessment on the value of proposals based on the demand for them.


The company also offers consulting and process management services to help client organizations get the most value from the WeDecide technology platform.

Vsnap Inc.

Vsnap Inc. designs and develops applications for sharing short asynchronous video messages through the Web and Smartphone devices. Vsnap Inc. was founded by Dave McLaughlin, a Boston based tech entrepreneur who was a popular guest speaker in Bob’s Babson class on entrepreneurial leadership. Dave spent a decade as a screenwriter in Hollywood, ultimately going on to write and direct a film in Boston starring the likes of Eliza Dushku and Amy Poehler.


Although Vsnap is not a health or wellness play, Bob felt that he had to have a piece of Dave’s latest company.



BambooTori is a new fast-casual restaurant concept serving fresh, all-natural chicken, beef, pork, and vegetable skewers charred to perfection in a custom-made yakitori grilling machine. The small restaurant chain is bringing healthy Japanese comfort food to NYC and has plans to expand to Boston and other New England cities. BambooTori offers high quality, easy to eat Japanese Yakitori at prices well below those of the competition.


Founded by three former Babson students of Bob’s, this investment represents the second restaurant chain in the CSC portfolio.