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Crimson Seed Capital and Bob Stringer, its founder and principal investor, have two objectives that drive investment decisions:


  1. There must be a reasonable chance of making money over a 4-6 year period,
  2. The V=P+S+E formula must make sense. The company must be trying to solve a real problem, have a credible solution to this problem (supported by an exciting business plan), and have a team that is highly motivated and capable of executing the strategy.


Unlike many angel investors, CSC need not see a clearly defined exit. It must, however, see a business that is a "big idea," led by people who are committed to make a success of the venture and willing to take advice.


CSC's industry focus is health and wellness. This focus includes businesses in the following segments:


  • Healthy, good-for-you foods and beverages,
  • Health and fitness related products or services,
  • Consumer products or concepts that promote a "green" environment, sustainability and healthy living, and/or
  • Products or services that employ digital technology to improve the quality of people's lives


Bob will also invest in interesting companies outside of this space, but only when the opportunity involves individual entrepreneurs he likes, respects, and chooses to personally support.


Crimson Seed Capital will often look harder at businesses founded and led by women entrepreneurs. For example, seven of our current investments, Freed Foods, Learn Launch, Smart Lunches, Wise Owl Holdings, Feel Good Foods, 18 Rabbits, and NewLife Solutions (MeQuilibrium), were all founded by impressive women.


Although Bob lives and works primarily in Boston, MA and New York City, he will make investments in overseas ventures. BioVittoria is based in Hamilton, New Zealand, Frostimo was based in Shanghai, China, Flying Spark and KonnecTo are Israeli startups, Caaapital, S.p.A is out of Santiago, Chile, and Gezlong and WeDecide were both based in Istanbul, Turkey.

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