A Different Kind of Angel Investment Partner

Crimson Seed Capital is the seed capital home for Bob Stringer’s personal investments. Bob started out as a consultant and a motivational psychologist, and he brings these perspectives to his investment relationships. He is an MBA and wrote a book on business strategy, so he will insist on seeing quantitative analyses of the market opportunity, the competitive strategy and the entrepreneur’s growth plans. However, CSC’s decisions are often driven more by the idea and the people than the numbers.

What distinguishes us


We make quick decisions and are not afraid to roll the dice with young entrepreneurs who are doing something new. We make small investments, generally between $25,000 and $50,000, and will want to have a strong working/consulting relationship with our portfolio companies. We favor women entrepreneurs, graduates of Harvard, Babson, Tufts or MIT, and we admit to a bias for youth and enthusiasm over age and experience. 


About Us


What we do


Crimson Seed Capital focuses on providing seed capital to entrepreneurs who have big ideas, high levels of energy and integrity, and an open mind about turning their ideas into profitable businesses. Bob knows something about the health and wellness industry and consumer products/services, so he can bring his experience to bear on ideas and businesses in this space.


We look at deals with a long-standing investment formula in mind: V=P+S+E. To Crimson Seed Capital, the attractiveness or Value (V) of a deal depends on three things: the size and salience of the Problem (P) to be solved, the feasibility and elegance of the Solution (S) proposed by the entrepreneur, and the prospects for high quality Execution (E) of the business plan (which, we feel, ultimately comes down to the quality of the business plan and the people/the team).

When it comes to angel investing, trust is important. That is why we place a great emphasis on establishing close personal relationships with our entrepreneurs. We view ourselves as a strategic partner and advisor, not just a source of seed capital. Although we won't insist on a board seat or active engagement in day-to-day operations, we stand ready to provide guidance, connections, strategic ideas, and support when needed.